Saturday, December 19, 2009

Editor's Cookies?

That's right.  One of the many reasons my editor rocks is that she sends holiday cookies.  She is a seriously busy woman who still finds ways to remind her writers that this business is the best one to be in.

This is the second year I've received cookies and this year, my husband and I were checking the mail.  When the envelope came, my husband came in our kitchen and said, "Editor's Cookies!"

This is how they come:

Here's why we gobble them down:

They are as tasty as they look.  Chocolate Meringue and Cranberry Bars.

I don't want this post to suggest that I value my editor's cookies more than her notes, only that her cookies have a very different affect on me.

So yummy.  Gotta go... I'm getting crumbs in my laptop.


  1. I second Betty.

    OMG! Does she really? Would not expect an editor to do something like that - indeed, what a great business to be.