Saturday, July 10, 2010

At long last... a photo

Split, who has been a bit negligent in communicating with me, is still on the road!  Finally, he has sent me some pictures.  He is with a friend in Cleveland, OH, who has convinced Split to visit a college campus.  Yay!  Get him moving in the right direction.

Here he is, lounging on a mailbox, thinking about the Gehry building and pondering life in an institution of higher learning.

And now, getting closer ....

And closer...

But apparently, he was too intimidated to go inside  Case Western.  (A good school).  He is a bit young, I suppose.  Someday... he'll actually go inside.  In the meantime, thanks to my friend for hosting Split and taking him to see what's in his future.

Next stop.  I know he's scheduled to visit his Class of 2k10 buddy, Tagged at Mara Purnhagen's place.  I wonder if Tagged might teach him about graffiti...

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