Friday, February 19, 2010

Split on Indiebound Kids Next List

Split was selected by an Indiebound book seller to make the Spring 2010 Kids Indie Next List.

Sweet. Very, very sweet.  I'm so honored.

Sweeter: Also included were fellow 2k10 class members Irene Latham and  Jennifer Hubbard.  Not to mention Alison McGhee, whose work I adore.  So I'm in excellent company.


"At age 16, Jace Witherspoon has finally fled from the home of his violently abusive father. With only the return address on an envelope slipped to him by his mother as he left, he travels to find safe haven with his long- vanished older brother. Split is the story of their prickly and unexpected reunion, and the two brothers' struggles to reconcile the legacy of their damaged upbringing with the possibility of a new life. Dynamically told through Jace's voice, this story is relentless and captivating." --Karen McCollom, TheYankee Bookshop, Woodstock, VT

Everything I know about the Yankee Bookshop:

1) It is an independent bookstore, so God Love 'Em.
2) .... nope, no 2.

So I looked them up.  Here's what I found on their website:


Now, that is sweet.  I want to go there!  Meet Karen, pet pups, and explore their store.  Road trip, anyone?

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