Monday, March 29, 2010

Split goes to Hollywood!

After the lush R&R at Bonnie Doerr and Island Sting's place, Split has journeyed again on its tour.  This time, it went all the way across the country for a hopping good time with Split's buddy, The Witchy Worries of Abbie Adams.

In truth, Split confided to me a few hesitations before visiting a witch, what with her fuzzy little familiar and her sudden cases of floating attacks.  But, as some of you might know,  Abbie is one fun witch.  Even Booklist says so (in longer words).

And Abbie's writer, Rhonda Hayter, is no different.  Though maybe she's a little more grown up and a little more responsible.  I say this because Rhonda took such good care of Split.

See how she holds him up and letting him see the sites?  She was even kind enough to send along copies of the pix.  Here's her email to comfort Split's worried writer.

Split enjoyed his visit to Hollywood very much.  He had his photo taken at the Hollywood Highland mall where he posed in front of the Hollywood sign. (above).

He dropped by the Kodak theatre where they do the Oscars and American Idol and ...

he visited Mary Pickford

and the Star Trek crew in front of Graumann's Chinese theatre.

He'd have written you a postcard, but he's unfortunately short on hands. 

Hmpf!  There are enough hand or hand prints around him, but you know how it goes.  They hit the big time and then they never write, they never call...  But I'm so glad to see he's having a good time and fitting in with all the celebs.  Personally, I think he and Patrick Stewart would get along great!  (More on this later).

It was particularly kind of Abbie and Rhonda to host Split, considering that Abbie is about to make her big debut! I know I'm eagerly awaiting April 1st, when I'll look for her to fly on over and make an appearance at my house.  Keep an eye out; she might breeze her way over your place, too.

In case you want to now a little more about her, here's Abbie's trailer to check out, too.


  1. What a fun post! I love this! Congrats to both SPLIT and ABBIE.

  2. Oh, Island Sting is so jealous! She misses Split and dearly wishes she'd been invited to Hollywood to visit Abbie.

  3. @Bonnie. Tell Island Sting that Split misses her too and will be having a reunion of all his friends here in Minneapolis at the end of the tour. If Island Sting doesn't want to wait, come on out early. They'll have a great time together, touring the twin cities. Maybe I'll even send you some pix of them together during the summer.

    Plus that Split is looking forward to seeing Island Sting in New York!

  4. Hi Swati- I was very excited to come across your blog today. I actually looked for it way back when I saw you at the loft. I hope you remember me: our son's played soccer together maybe two years ago now and I am an alumni of the creative writing program. Although I am still working on that book we were talking about way back then! And look at yours. So great. I am looking forward to reading it!!

  5. Hi Tina,
    So glad you found me online. Of course I remember you; I think of you every time I see Skin Hunger since you recommended it to me! I'm so glad to hear that you're working on your book. That way, when it comes out, I can read it.
    Hope you enjoy Split!

  6. All the fun Split has been having puts smiles on your readers faces. Congratulations! Your blog won a Sunshine Award. Visit

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